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Well its been a long, long, looooooooong while since I have submitted anything to newgrounds.

This halloween im coming back with huge game project of mine!

Enjoy the screenie :D

Whos up for some zombie apocalypse this halloween!?

Rate my new banner?? :D

2009-08-31 17:55:24 by Hi5er

Just lemme know what you think.

As usual, I got tired of all my old projcts and they're collecting dust, I might make something else and give up on it later.

Look up if the one below is kinda crapped up.

Rate my new banner?? :D

My Plans for this year!

2009-01-15 16:26:20 by Hi5er

Well It seems 2008 was a fairly good year for me. But will 2009 be just as good?

Like many people on newgrounds im fairly new to flash. And like many new starters my first flahes were poorly animated stickmen fighting, but eventually you do grow out of them. Then in every flash creators life they choose either games or movies. I am slipping towards game creation at the mo as I am not such a 'fluid' animator, although I can be if I can be bothered to put some time in.

I have released 7 games / movies now since Late 2007 and if we take an average of all their scores my projects are getting a score of:


Hoorah, aint it?

Anywho, if in one year I can go from blams to great scores, then I think that this year I can hopefully develop at least one game or movie that branches into the 'Awesome' zone. Hopefully; Maybe.

My first attempt will be one of two game ideas that I will begin creating soon.

Happy new year all and gd luck to all of us beginners out there,


Potato man Hits Newgrounds!

2008-11-08 18:41:00 by Hi5er

From a humble comic book forged by myself at the age of 8, comes the animated hero of the millenia...


(*Insert heroic trumpet sounds*)

He's my next big project that I am working on and I hope to make it a fun little series to watch. I will hopefully create a collection of 50 episodes (eventually / hopefully / maybe), all being short animations meant to make you have a quick chuckle before going else where.

The first episode is currently up and has scored above 2.5 which was my target for that episode, so a woo is in order me thinks.


Now then, you can watch the first epsiode here on newgrounds:

Thats 1/50 episodes, 49 to go, I will hopefully get them done weekly / monthly / yearly, maybe. Whatever, keep update via this page if you're interested in the adventures of potato man!

My Flash Submissions

2008-03-26 04:03:46 by Hi5er

Well I must say,

everyone seemed to like the first, here comes the second!

After seeing my original impossible fan quiz do so well.

I have decided to keep it going and make a second, however I don't want to make it beomce old quickly so this one wont be out for a while as I want it looking really nice :] and for the same reason I probably won't make a third. 2 impossible quizes and 2 fan quizes are enough :D

Hopefully this second project will feature 100+ questions, most of which will be original ( I hope xD ), I'm thinking 5 hidden skips? And I might try to work in some "fuse stoppers" under a new name and image of course :D, mute button and quality control will come in as essentials as well :D

If you want to request a question be put in there PM me and include "Impossible Quiz 2 Question Idea" or something like that in the title and I'll see if I can put it in :]

If 50 questions took about 1 and a bit weeks...

I'm guessing 100+ will take about month. So stay posted for updates on how close I am to finishing!


Future Work.

2008-03-22 10:07:00 by Hi5er


unfortunatley I have the attention span of a dead rat. Due to this, any animations, games, tutorials I start will rarely get finished unless I really enjoy making them. So don't bother continually checking me for submissions as anything I submit in the future will probably be a long time from now.

Below is a list of some mini projects I am working on:

- Flash Tutorial (LOADS of stuff. I add a new section each day...) **Release Date - Late 2008**

- Impossible Quiz Fan Quiz (Main project i'm working on...) ** Release Date - Hopefully soon!**

- Something to do with stickmen (Not much attention on this...) ** Release Date - 2009, if your lucky xD**

So if your wondering about what I am doing there it is.

I am mostly working on school subjects and setting up a deviant art account, so my productions will be put on hold for a while. But stay posted and check out my creations so far! ^^

~ Bob